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Perforated Roller Shutter Doors

Perforated Roller Shutter Doors

Specialist in Perforated Roller Shutter Doors

Our extensive range of perforated roller shutter doors serve as a great solution for retailers. Used in both the high street and shopping malls, our Perforated Roller Shutter Doors allow closed premises to be secured, whilst allowing customers to see inside when the area is backlit. Security staff are able to see at a glance that the store is secure.

Perforated Roller Shutter Doors construction can be of steel or aluminium, and are available in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing finishes and colours. As well as retail sites, these shutters have been successfully installed in cinemas, universities, hospitals, libraries, colleges, schools, gyms and health centres. They can also have applications in industrial settings.

The shutters are lightweight, and we can offer the choice of manual or electric operating systems to suit your needs. Our Perforated roller shutter doors maintain a high level of security whilst allowing great visibility. These robust security solutions are economical and require minimum maintenance, delivering reliability and a long working life.

Safe and secure, but still on the show! Perfect for both interior and exterior settings, our aluminium roller grilles combine innovative design with outstanding manufacturing quality. If you are looking for maximum protection but you also want customers to see your products outside of business hours, aluminium roller grilles are the solution for you.

This design is ideal for both stores and a car park. Whatever your premises are, we can create a grille solution that fits perfectly and meets your needs.

When security is your number one priority, aluminium roller grilles are an excellent option to consider.

Customised Design

Our aluminium roller grilles come in a variety of sizes to suit your shop or building. This product is designed to work for you and manufactured to last. We can custom-make a door to suit your property.

Quality You Can Trust

Proudly South African-made from only the highest-quality materials, you can trust us to exceed your expectations with a product you can rely on for many years to come. Our friendly team of professionals is dedicated to delivering a secure and stylish solution that you and your premises will love.

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