First Class Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors offer an attractive alternative for architectural, residential, and Commercial applications. Our models offer a unique aesthetic appeal, maximum light transmission [without letting anyone see inside your garage], and durability. If these characteristics are important to your design, Fotni is your solution!

Entry Doors

FOTNI Glass Garage Doors are the perfect complement for your needs. They are crafted of the same high quality aluminum and rail sizes as our garage doors.

Entry Gates

Entry gates also complement Glass garage doors very well. These gates in conjunction with the doors ensures a seamless look and are manufactured individually for a perfect fit.

Driveway Gates

When a visitor enters your home the first thing they are exposed to is your driveway. FOTNI Driveway Gates not only provide excellent curb appeal but are made 100% in South Africa  and come with the FOTNI Lifetime Warranty.